About Us

PIRAD GROUP is committed to procure some of the world’s most “strangest” things, either for R&D of simply because we know a few people for it outside India. We are indeed, one of the most established companies in Asia that have always been intrigued, fascinated and more ardent beings to bust myths and to explore the unknown.

Before you think about contacting us, please make sure that you know exactly what you are talking about. The more convinced you are, the easier it is for us to talk business. We shall commence on a professional note. Only when you have shown us something that interests us. It would be wastes of time if you were call us over for a cup of coffee just to know more about us and what we do as a company or just to have a look at our certifications and licenses. We believe that nobody can waste our time and only if you are serious, you should call us. We are not prepared, at the end of the day, to return home after listening to a load of bullshit.

During our tenure in India as a procuring agent and lead consultant for the DRDO, we were curious about “rice puller” or whatever the street-brokers called it. In all of our meeting with a bunch of village idiots, we had to conclude that it was nothing but a hoax that perpetuated via words of mouth.

Since 1932, the infamous “copper iridium” vessel was pronounced an invaluable object that would fetch millions in foreign buyers. After almost eighty two years, these companies became “extinct” and in the process, had spent a major chunk of their company’s liquid capital of traveling of mediators who stood in their way, pretending to be sellers.

Meanwhile, following the footsteps but in an unorthodox way, a few street-brokers and their elite counterparts decided to form fake companies that actually buy “copper iridium”, so as to get hold of the much coveted “company fees” or even the “appraiser fee” each time one of these cons paid a visit to the site. The funniest thing is, everyone know that but had fallen victim to these companies and even so, to these obnoxious, uneducated and lying sellers.

If you have noticed, no seller has ever called the company directly. You may have also noticed that almost everyone would either call himself as or proclaim to be a “seller”. After days of rubbish “meetings”, you would understand that even the ACTUAL SELLER HAS NOT SEEN THE ARTICLE.

If we were to tell you what exactly cu lr(100) is and the reason why nobody has ever seen it, let alone been able to sell it to us, it will be a bit of shocker and a harrowing truth for some of those who have foolishly believed in these hoaxes and emptied their life savings on something that no one has ever seen.

Even if there is someone who claims to have seen it, his narratives and versions of “testing the material” will always written off as extremely fake and irrelevant to what we would require.