Phoenix International is doing an excellent business with consistency, in dealing with ‘Rare Metals’ of all types ranging from ‘Ancient Coins’ to ‘Copper Iridium Rice Pullers’, Rare Herbs and Other Antique items. We believe that commitment and sincerity is a basic necessity, (and of course, very much necessary) for any successful business. At PIRAD we just follow that. Apart from the commitment and sincerity we show that we have a team of well trained staffs, who add extra strength to the organisation. Any work in our organisation is carried out with utmost sincerity, with the end result in mind.

Foundation of company

The Phoenix International Company had started in the year 1870. The company was started by Sir Alexander Cunningham who also becomes the 1st director general of Archeological Survey in UK. Now, the recent MD is VINCIENT BROWN. This company deals with antique items in any article, handmade or natural things like old bricks door decorated items currencies, curtains, gramophones unique bottles, perfume bottles and other precious things. William Dorfin was employee with Archeological Department, UK Govt. that’s why he had taken in trust in this type of things. During this period viz. in 1890 he decided to collect the antique items and he took the first deal in his life in 1895 by Phoenix International company after that he left his job and he gave full time to this company now that due to his endless effort this company make a space at the top most five companies in the world dealing in antiques.

Our vision

Most of the people know about the antiques because those items are established in the museum, actually most useful things to our ancient elders but we forgot the use of their things likes stones, bamboo, handmade weapons, hunting old weapons etc. Our aim is ‘to introduce the importance of the antiques to new generation through exhibition of these antique. This is the official website for antiques. We are dealing all ancient objects, all collectors and dealers and customers to get a touch with us for purchasing and selling and testing for all antiques